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You Can’t Take My Daughter

Colin Aguiar is an award-winning Canadian composer and was a child prodigy performing at two and writing music at ten. He is known for his left-field approach to film scoring, and a specialization in unique scores and world music. He grew up living & traveling across parts of India, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Canada studying the music of various cultures before writing music for musicals, theatre and film. His music has won awards the world over in New York, London, Italy, Barcelona, Venezuela, Calcutta, Nairobi and on almost every continent. He is the protégé of Oscar-winning composer, Mychael Danna.


Dear Listener, Our craft is so visual and each film, too unique to anticipate a perfect musical compliment before actually watching edited picture but please enjoy this selection of music from previous movies I’ve worked on. These pieces center around emotions of loneliness, grief, loss, helplessness and confusion – feelings that accompany the journey of our protagonist, but if there’s more you’d like to hear, please let me know. I’d love to explore further with you.
– Colin

Memories of a Past (music)

Featuring orchestral string section and female singer. This was temped into the movie “Prodigy”

Tomorrow Isn't Enough (music)

Solo piano

Blue Widow (music)

Theme featuring a female singer, synthesizers and orchestra

Letter Reading (music)

Synthesizer and female singer. The singer was asked to sing out-of-breath to give the feeling of a mother singing to her child

Rosie Takes The Train (music)

Solo Piano. Personifying a playful child.

Final Vision - Courtroom (video)

Solo Viola Da Gamba (renaissance instrument) and string orchestra 

Final Vision - The Conclusion (video)

Solo female singer. This was temped into the Netflix movie, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”