Colin Aguiar is an award-winning Canadian composer and was a child prodigy performing at two and writing music at ten. He as worked on 4 Oscar nominated movies & is known for his left-field approach to film scoring, and a specialization in unique scores and world music. He grew up living & traveling across parts of India, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Canada studying the music of various cultures before writing music for musicals, theatre and film. His music has won awards the world over in New York, London, Italy, Barcelona, Venezuela, Calcutta, Nairobi and on almost every continent.
He is the protégé of Oscar-winning composer, Mychael Danna.
He lives both, in Los Angeles, California & Toronto, Canada.

Qualifies for Ontario & Canadian Tax Credits and as a diversity hire


Dear Listener, 
The examples you’ll find here are more on the orchestral side, but they served the projects I was writing them for. But I also loved your temp score choices of “Hereditary”, as well as Bensi & Jurriaan’s “The Lodge”, “The Rental” and “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” and I related to them all. So they’re all within the range of my ability. They’re all brilliant jumping-off points. I’m looking forward to adapting them to your show.



The Gentle Psychopath (music)


Fear the Abyss (music)

Murder Scene (video)

A man kills his family in a gory depiction of true events. Featuring orchestral effects and a female singer that delivers the theme of the deceased


A Chilling Conversation (video)

Featuring synths & strings – very much like the score to “Hereditary”

Pathos (music)

Featuring synths & strings – very much like the score to “Hereditary”

Enter the Courtroom (video)

Electronica, drums and orchestra weave suspense under tense dialogue between lawyers of opposing sides of a case

Time Versus Time (music)

Piano melodies played forward and in reverse creating a tone of unnerving suspense


The Crime Scene (video)

A music montage as a crime scene is swept for evidence


Blue Widow (music)

Stylish techno meets opera in this thriller theme


Construct (video)

Sci-fi. Recipient of 19 Best Score Awards

Construct has a bit of everything – touching family themes, action, retreibution & gore.